Bikes on Offer

We stock four categories of mountain bike - typically cannondale brand unless otherwise stated :

Category A - Alloy hardtail bikes

Category B - Standard alloy full suspension bikes - 26" wheels

Category C - Premium alloy full suspension bikes (27.5 and 29" wheels), carbon hardtails and alloy offroad recumbents

Category D - Carbon full-suspension bikes

Pricing per category is shown here

Category A - Alloy Hardtails

Category B - Standard Alloy Full suspension

Category C - Premium Alloy Full suspension; carbon hardtails

Category D - Carbon Full Suspension

X-large 29er F1

Large F1 Headshok Ultra

Medium F1000 Alloy Lefty

Medium F1 Alloy Lefty

XS Alloy Catalyst

Small Cannondale Chase - ss

Small Cannondale Tango 29er

Medium Rush Alloy Lefty

Large Rush Alloy

Large Rush Alloy

Small Rush Alloy Lefty

X-Large Prophet Alloy Lefty Max

Medium Rize Alloy Lefty

Large Rize Alloy Lefty

Small Rush Alloy Lefty

Small Rush Headshok

Medium Rush Alloy Lefty

Large Rush 29er

Small Scalpel Carbon Lefty

Large Trigger 29er

Large GT Fury DH

X-Large Scalpel 29er

Medium Scalpel 29er

Xl alloy Scalpel 29er

M Carbon Taurine

Large Cannondale Carbon Flash 29er-

Large Carbon Flash 29er

Xl Fetish Carbon 69er - Carbon Lefty

L Gary Fisher Superfly hub gear & Lefty

Optima Orca Recumbent

Cannondale Bent 2 26/24

Small Carbon Habit 27.5

Large Carbon Habit 27.5

x-large carbon Habit 29er

Large Carbon Cannondale Trigger 29er

X-large carbon scalpel 29er

X-large carbon scalpel 29er

Xl carbon Rize 120 Lefty Max

Large carbon Rush 27.5

Medium carbon Rush Carbon Lefty

Large carbon Scalpel Lefty

Large carbon Rush 27.5

Large carbon Scalpel 26er

Xl carbon Rush 26er

Small Carbon Rush 26er